Cards Against Humanity – Holiday Bullshit – Hanukkah Edition Night Four

from the they-changed-it-and-i-didn’t-think-they-would dept.

From the title of the Department above, I really didn’t think that Cards Against Humanity would send me something different. I can say that I am not disappointed with what I received. Take the Leap to see what I got…

HB-H-Day4CertificateThis is a Certificate from Cards Against Humanity. It is more of a US Treasury Inflation Protected Securities Fund Bond of sorts. There is a website and a special code on this certificate that when that date listed appears, I can exchange this for the value at the given market share at that time. I wonder how much it will be when I can turn it in.

HB-H-Day4Letter1HB-H-Day4Letter2This is the Letter for Night Four. It talks about being thrifty and saving for the future.

HB-H-Day4Cards1HB-H-Day4Cards2HB-H-Day4Cards3These are the cards and the pack for Night Four. Some of these cards…I swear, Cards Against Humanity is a little off.

All in all, I am appreciative of what I have received. Tho, I haven’t gotten any questions right now for @REMOVEYOURPANTS as she is my RIO (Resident Information Officer) for anything Jewish. I am still hoping I get some inspiration from Cards Against Humanity to ask her some questions.