A Very Ludo Burlesque

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708LogoOn Saturday, February 6, 2016, I decided to head out with a group of friends back out to Seven Zero Eight in The Landing here in St. Louis. Let me tell you something, this is probably one of the best Burlesque shows I have seen from Seven Zero Eight. Granted, I have only seen two of the themes they have done, but this one hit close to home…my home of St. Louis, MO. To see more of my review, take the leap and find out more…

My actual birthday was January 30th and at that time, I had a small group of friends over to my place to have some drinks, watch some Mythbusters, and just general bullshittery that made the night go by just fine, easy, and relaxed. However, I had an actual birthday gathering event for this last February 6, 2016 to go on over Seven Zero Eight to see a burlesque show with a theme, like I said, that hit close to home. This theme was called “A Very Ludo Burlesque.” The theme was centered around a band from here in St. Louis called LUDO. Great music, great band, and great stories come from this particular band. Little did I know that what I was about to experience was something that I had been wanting for a very long time.

To start off, lets go from the beginning of the night. Me and my crew arrived and promptly sat down. We were able to sit back at the same place as we did before which overlooks the bar below and you are able to see everything from this vantage point. This is the part that I do like as I like to have my back against the wall so I can attempt to assess everything that is going on for anything that can possibly come my way. I was able to do this with no problem at all. The bar was decorated up more so than the last time as this weekend was Mardi Gras weekend here in St. Louis. Beads, lasers, black lights, and multi-colored LEDs were draped along the rails and in strategic places to give the bar an overall party feeling. There was a party feeling definitely going on as we heard the cackles of middle-aged ladies with their daughters for their Bachelorette Party they were having there. Yes, I was making fun of them in my head, others at my table were doing it vocally but not loudly. It was a funny time. The music was playing in the background of Seven Zero Eight that had a good beat of current music with a mix of some older 70s and 80s music. Hearing this go back and forth made is a pleasure to listen to for all generations that happen to wander in.

After we had sat down and assessed everything, a lady in a red corset with “huge tracks of land” that were about to spill over her booby dam (from here on out, she will be referenced as “Red Corset Lady”) came up and took our drink orders. We all said what we wanted and within a few minutes, we got our drinks. We had time to drink most of our drink when she came back up to take our food order. We all ordered different menu items from the newly themed menu. I did not order from the themed part of the menu, I just had a Casa Blanca Burger which is a cheeseburger with much more items on it that I would have liked to not be on it. So, I requested that it is just with cheese only. Our orders were taken and Red Corset Lady quickly whisks herself away. Now we play the waiting game for our food…

While we waited for our food and during our food order, we had asked for refills as well as some Adult Beverages. Those unfortunately took quite a lengthy amount of time to create and get to us. At one point, My Pilot and My Woman both went downstairs to get a refill. Unfortunately, that did not happen until they came back up to their seats and at that time, drinks were brought back up. Another unfortunate thing was that they had to wait for about 15 minutes to get a refill of their drink. I did talk to my very good friend, the Bar Manager, and she had stated to me, after I told her about the long wait for the drinks of either normal or Adult in nature, that they were short staffed. Me personally, I believe this as not only was my friend, the Bar Manager, was doing that job as well as managing the DJ for the Burlesque show as well as doing DJ stuff for the rest of the Bar area. Having to make sure that she had multiple bases covered with a prompt and clean fashion was running her a bit run down. That did not deter her and I believe, my own opinion, she made do with what she and others had to do. Yes, they were a bit short staffed and in the end, we did get taken care of regarding drinks before we got our food. (I have a feeling that they didn’t know how popular that this particular themed show was going to be. Yes, there were quite a bit of people in the Bar and waiting for the Burlesque show as well.) Our food, however, was another story.

Red Corset Lady came up, I think, with another lady, who we will call Blue Jean Vest Lady (cause I can’t remember names worth a damn), with our food. Piping hot, freshly created, our food was before our very eyes and was displayed as what a Master Chef would present to some judges at a food competition. Mine was the simplest one as basically a plain cheeseburger. Getting the order right was crucial to me as well as everybody else, to determine if this meal was going to be great. My burger was cooked correctly as I stated I wanted my burger Medium Well. That is what I got. If there was just a very small pink in the middle, I didn’t notice it and the flavor change because of that would have alerted me that there was something different about this burger due to having some pink in the middle. This did not happen. Oh, the flavor was definitely different, but in the Mr. Food kind of way…”Oooooo its so good” kind of way. For such a simple burger, this Chef made it to taste gourmet, professional, a person who listens to what the customer wants and makes it as stated and wished for. Something about this burger, whether it was the slightly toasted and sweet buns, the quality of the meat, the kind of cheese, or hell, the fries, tasted so very damn good. I don’t talk about food all that much regarding food about it being “damn good” and I don’t think in my last review of this establishment I commented so heavily on the food. But damn it…this food was good. Like damn good. I don’t know what was done but this burger was tasty, juicy, and filled me up in a hurry. That was pretty much the response across the whole table with everybody in attendance with me. The food was fan-freaking-tastic. One of my friends, Scooter, stated that he couldn’t wait to come up this time around and try another themed dinner. He got his wish. He nor I couldn’t shut up about the food. I talked with my friend the Bar Manager and told her that she needs to do whatever she could to keep this chef here at Seven Zero Eight. If he wants to leave, offer this man more money because that was the best tasting food I have had in a while from an establishment such as this. After the Burlesque show, I got a chance to tell the Chef himself that his food was fantastic and to quote myself “You best have your ass here the next time I come back because I want your food.” He had smiled, showed off his golden grill he had up in his mouth and said with a humble nod “Thank you man.” No only was the Chef an awesome Food Preparing Machine, he was also humble about his skillset. Just seeing that makes me want to eat there again regardless if there was a show going on. Speaking of which…

After a few more Adult Beverages and some unfortunate waiting due to being short staffed (which I have been told will be taken care of as this was a freak accident that caught them unaware) we headed down to the Theatre. We all had gotten the VIP tickets as we wanted to be in front of the stage and see all the action in all of its Burlesque glory. As the Bar Manager directed us to our assigned seating, she introduced us to Tiffany (why I remember that name I have no clue…could be because some of the waitresses and performers were body painted and wearing only bottoms and boots 😀 ), our waitress for the duration of the Show. We ordered drinks from her and almost within about five minutes, we had our drinks. While we waited, I had time to take a picture…
A Very Ludo Burlesque Show Notes
This details Seven Zero Eight’s love for the band LUDO and you should be able to click the image below to see the full print.

While trying to take this picture, Boss Kaos Eight comes on the stage. He is the one that leads the Troupe, the Patriarch (if I ain’t mistaken), and starts to talk about the third and fourth paragraphs. I believe he hit the nail on the head with this picture…
Boss Kaos Eight on proper Burlesque Etiquette or #Burlettiquette. #708StL #AVeryLudoBurlesque
This was very entertaining to say the least. Shortly after the crowd gets aroused from such a display of his abilities, the show begins…

The first song in this Show was Boss Kaos Eight singing “Part 1: Broken Bride” from LUDO’s album called “Broken Bride,” the first song on that album. I have seen him sing before when he sang “Love Me Dead” during the Comics After Dark Burlesque show but this time, it was more of an impact as again, it hit home.
Boss Kaos Eight singing about his Broken Bride. #BurlesqueLOVE #708StL #AVeryLudoBurlesque
His voice rolled off the different notes very masterfully as if almost he was trained extremely well. What threw me for a loop tho was that he put his own twist on said notes and made that song his own. He does this again later on in the show, which gives the other song, as you will know later, a deeper meaning and a more personal connection. During part of the chorus of this song, he had stopped singing and you could hear the crowd singing what he didn’t. I know I did as I was trying to belt out those notes as best as I could. At one point, he had traveled over to our side of the stage, Stage Left, pointed the microphone at My Woman, XPzGirl, and she quickly shy’d away and stopped her singing, smiling ever so embarrassingly. Me on the other hand, belted out those verses but the mic wasn’t pointed at me. I still did anyway.

The next act, unfortunately, I can’t remember what LUDO song was played, but Phoenyx Rayne made his appearance. Again, for the third time, he has made my own man parts ache because the way he twists and contorts himself is not natural. There is a beauty in what he does. The way he has a command on how his body moves is beyond comprehension and is just mind boggling. Still, it makes me hurt when the picture below happens as well as any other moves he does. Regardless of that fact, I am sure that the song that was played went along with what he was performing to. It was at this point where I requested another drink so my apologies for the next few pictures as I tried to take as best of a picture as I could due to circumstance that was in my control. 😉 Tiffany again had our backs and was very prompt and quick to get our drinks. It helped that she was cute to boot.
Phoenyx Rayne making my balls hurt. I don't know how he does it. #BurlesqueLOVE #708StL #AVeryLudoBurlesque
Up next was Boss’s better half of the Backlot Bears Troupe. Katerina Von Rocket. Definitely the better looking half. Ok, ok, Boss’s beard is hot too. 😉 Anyway, getting back on track, or in this case, the stage, I do remember what song was playing for this particular number, “Lake Ponchartrain” on LUDO’s “You’re Awful, I Love You” album. Boss Kaos Eight described her as “possibly the sexiest lake monster you have ever seen.” His description did not disappoint. Her song came up and she was in green, black and white tattered clothes in which they were eventually taken off one by one only revealing an umbrella, some strategically placed pasties and bottoms. She, like Phoenyx Rayne, move extremely gracefully around the stage, taking the stage and audience by storm. If I were to attempt to do what she did, I would be looking down the entire time to find my placement on the stage. She did not do this at all. Throughout the entire song, she was smiling, enjoying herself on the stage, as well as one should, but the picture below shows a serious side of her. The concentration of what she does shows through with the dedication she puts into a show.
Katerina Von Rocket being one of the best lake monsters ever. #BurlesqueLOVE #708StL #AVeryLudoBurlesque
This is a part in which I have to apologize. For the life of me, I can’t remember this performers name. There are a couple that could be it on Seven Zero Eight’s website but I don’t want to put the wrong one here without offending the other. To avoid a possible lynching, ;), I will refrain. (EDIT: The performers name is Loralei Lilly. Edited at 3:52 on 2/8/16) This song, I do remember and this act. This act was performed to “Laundry Girl” on LUDO’s self-titled album, LUDO. This set was different as this was a reverse strip…tease…kind of thing. On most burlesque shows, a lady or fellow, will get up on stage and take off pieces of clothing one by one until there is a very small amount of clothing on them. She started out that way with very little clothing and slowly put clean ones on, as per the title of the song, she was doing her laundry. She also pranced about the stage in a wonderful way.
A clean girl putting away dirty laundry in "Laundry Girl" #BurlesqueLOVE #708StL #AVeryLudoBurlesque
The next song was performed by, from what I have researched just now before writing this, by an incredible dancer and performer, Clyde Barlow. He may be small in stature but that doesn’t mean anything regarding his large presence on the stage. The last time I had seen him, he was Deadpool on the Comics After Dark and he absolutely nailed that hard. This time, he did again to his performance to “Go-Getter Greg” on LUDO’s album of “You’re Awful, I Love You.” Granted, this isn’t my favorite song on that album or overall, that did not distract me from the performance he gave. To me, he looked like and had the attitude of what this go-getter Greg would be. The arrogance, the confidence he had to talk to said girl because he had thought that girl was vulnerable. Unfortunately for him, that girl didn’t seem interested as he still tried to pursue her. I believe that Noah nailed this down to a “T” in his performance.
"Go-Getter Greg" #BurlesqueLOVE #708StL #AVeryLudoBurlesque
At this point, I believe there was another song played and a performer was on stage but alas, I can’t remember either. Nah, I remember the performers name, her name was Sofie de Sade. I mean, I have pictures, but they were not the greatest and if I want to represent my ability to take pictures, I won’t put up a badly taken picture beyond what I think is bad. This isn’t the performers fault, this is the fault of this drunk Ginger during this time. I can tell you that this was a good performance as the lady dancing was dressed in a cheerleader’s outfit that she used to wear when she was back in High School. The fact that she could fit into her cheerleader uniform is awesome because most people can’t do that with clothes they had in High School My Woman can, I cannot. I do remember that she was exceptionally gifted on moving about the stage and basically stripping off her uniform to the beat of the music which brought loudness from the crowd. It was definitely a sight to behold.

The following picture below all of this probably massive wall of text, represents two things, the current one singing and the song. In this picture, you see not only Boss Kaos Eight, but you see Sofie de Sade and the one singing, resident and heavily sought after Drag Queen, Gypsy Havoc. I do remember seeing Gypsy at Rehab and other places in The Grove and I had recalled that she was somebody that everybody wanted to have at their bar or establishment. From what I have been told, she is here to stay at Seven Zero Eight. Rightly so. I believe she fits right in with the Backlot bears. I don’t have a picture of this but she did do a song that wasn’t LUDO’s at all. She did a small tribute to former legend of David Bowie. Dressed in all black, with a black and sparkled hooded robe, she danced to “Space Oddity.” No stripping was done but what was done was a song driven by emotion that only somebody that could relate to not only David Bowie, but to what the song meant to them. The way she moved and glided over the stage was a thing of beauty and pales in comparison to other dancers and performers from other Troupes that are not the Backlot Bears. It was also a sight to see as the way she sang and moved was all very graceful. Awesome indeed.

With that being said, the song in question with the above three performers was “Save Our City” on LUDO’s album of “Broken Bride.” Boss Kaos and Sofie took turns singing the main verses of this song. What parts that Boss couldn’t sing, because the pitch was too high for his low sultry voice, Sofie took the slack and rose it to beautiful levels. It wasn’t until Gypsy Havoc came in and sang the parts that were the darkest…the zombies. She stood there, singing the anthem of said zombies as if she was their queen speaking for them. All the while they were singing, the rest of the Troupe came out and performed on stage and some of them were those zombies. While the spotlight were on the trio, darkness covered the rest of the stage where the dancing silhouettes of the “zombies” were taking their shape. The song ends, people clap, and that was the end…or so we thought.
A Very Ludo Burlesque 2
The stage went even darker and it wasn’t until we started to hear “Whipped Cream” on LUDO’s album of “Prepare the Preparations.” First comes out Boss Kaos and then the rest of the Troupe, one by one, dancing and pelvic thrusting, and all of their burlesque glory, having fun with the actual end of the show. This song was a good one to end on as it does seem lighthearted enough to end the night on. Besides, who wouldn’t want whipped cream on “it?” 😉

The whole “too long; didn’t read” aspect all boils down to this…regardless of unfortunate slow service due to being short staffed because of the nature of this themed show, this was an extremely great show to see as well as the Venue. The food was fantastic as well as the drinks. The staff, as always, were a pleasure for the eyes as well as friendly and helpful when needed or requested. The show was a great tribute to a band too awesome for their time together.

If you are a fan of LUDO, this is a must see event. “A Very Ludo Burlesque” runs on Friday’s and Saturday’s until the end of February. There are two shows. I heavily recommend the late show as it seems to me that the performers have more fun during that time. I have been wanting a LUDO type of show for a long time. There was an Off Broadway showing of “Broken Bride” that was unfortunately in New York and in Chicago (apparently) that I wanted to see as I can see that being a great show to see due to the subject matter and what one could do with it. Seeing this show with a couple of songs from that album filled that void for me. I sang through almost all of the songs that I knew, of which there were two I didn’t know as they weren’t my favorites, and had a blast with friends and the Bar Manager. When the next themed show comes about in March, I will definitely be back and hopefully will have better pictures.

Thank you again Seven Zero Eight for a great show. Can’t wait to attend again!

I would rate this a 11 out of 10.