Disney After Dark Burlesque

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708LogoI swear, Seven Zero Eight’s Burlesque performances get better and better each time that I and My Crew go and see them. This time around, this was different, and it was a nice departure from what they have done before. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and this particular post here on My Blog will detail my own night as well as, apparently standard with me, a review of the show. Please, take your time and enjoy a read of Saturday March 19th, 2016 by a recovering Ginger trying to remember the nights events. I will warn you now, some of the images are NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or potentially NSFW. You have been warned. 😉

It all started really by arriving at Seven Zero Eight (708 from here on out) right around 7:00 to 7:30pm on Saturday. This time around, other than My normal Crew, I had roped in two other individuals, Our Queen and his Other Half. This was going to be their first time coming out with us to 708 to experience the #BurlesqueLove that they have been promoting (more about that in an upcoming post) as well as the themed Burlesque shows they have been performing. Seeing the excitement on Our Queen’s face got me even more excited to be here tonight.

Getting ready to eat and enjoy a show here at @708stl. Can't wait to do both!

Now you know me, I have talked about food before here and I won’t bore you this time around regarding the food, drink, and service as yes, they are important, but that is not what I am reviewing here tonight. The food was spectacular as usual as my boy, Jason the Kickass Chef, cooked our food once more and may I say, the Pinocchio Platter (a dinner consisting of two corndogs, funnel cake, loaded seasoned french fries) was in my opinion, a very awesome combination that all the flavors just compliment each other in a way I never would have thought. It was so, so very tasty. It did, however, left me wanting to have more funnel cake as this was much better than what you would get at a carnival or even Six Flags.

DSC06969(By the way, you can purchase this glass for $15. 😉 )

The drinks were fantastic as usual. I ordered me my Screwdriver and after eating the funnel cake, the drink tasted funny but that was due to having sweet, tasty food with a normally sour drink. Because of that, the orange juice tasty even more tangy than usual. It mellowed out after I got the sweetness of funnel cake out of my mouth. However, by then, I already had one Screwdriver and anything after that was going to taste just fine.

Cute story tho, our waitress, Tiffany (RAWR! No lie!) took our drink orders and got them refilled for us throughout the night. That was unusual as before, we had a couple of different waitresses like Mona and others wait on us even when the show was going on.  Tiffany was with us from the beginning to the very end, even right when we were going to leave. I wanted a drink and I asked for a Screwdriver (vodka and orange juice) and she looked at me so funny. She cocked her head to the side as if she was confused and I proceeded to tell her the drink recipe and she started to laugh. She then proceeded to tell me that someone else that was working that night needed an actual screwdriver (tool) to fix something and she was thinking that I needed that tool as well. We both had a hearty laugh and she went to retrieve our drinks.

Tiffany left and a few seconds later, my very good Friend/Bar Manager/DJ, DJ Lust, came up to meet us and say “Hi” and all of that jazz and do a quick catch up on previous events and things. I got a hug and some laughs and some inside information on what we were to expect for the Late Show (10pm) for that night. Just hearing about it from her paled in comparison regarding what they had stated on their website. I as the rest of My Crew were excited. Especially My Woman, who learned that there was a bit with Maleficent in it. We both loved the movie of “Maleficent” with Angelina Jolie in it and lo and behold, something with that was going to be in the show that night. DJ Lust left and proceeded to have a few more adult beverages. The adult beverages flowed very freely that night. 😉

It was getting close to 10pm so I decided to round up My Crew and start walking down toward the line already forming to get in. Granted, we had VIP Tickets and our spot already reserved for the front but me, yeah, I like to get in line and be like everybody else. After a few minutes of waiting, I hear a waitress, “Xavior Penguin? Xavior Penguin?!” A waitress was calling out my name and apparently started at the front of the line and was working her way back trying to find me. I raised my hand and she said for me to follow her. I grabbed My Crew and we went to the front of the line and past it even. We got to be the first ones in to get to our table and after we did, everybody in line very shortly followed. As we walked by the future bar patrons, I overheard one of them say, “Oh, so that is Xavior Penguin.” I thought that was a bit funny that this one lady said such a thing as that out loud.

We got sat down on the left side of the stage (stage right) and right there, Tiffany was willing and ready to take our drink order…yet again…and we were more than happy to give her our orders for drinks. She left and quickly came back with our drinks. At that time, before she left, I asked for two shots of Jagermeister, one for me and one for DJ Lust. I have been making it a small tradition of whenever we come up there for a show to have a shot with her. My friend, Yvonne, got me to drink Jager with her whenever we have a gathering at our house. Anytime she would have a shot, no one else would want one so I decided that nobody should have a shot alone. I can’t say I have gotten used to Jager, but it is easier to shoot it down than when I first started. Come to find out, one of DJ Lust’s favorite shots is Jager. Sooooooo, I asked Tiffany to bring me one and one for DJ Lust and we would do a shot together before the show started. If I remember correctly, DJ Lust brought out the shots, we shot them, and enjoyed them together.


About that time, the lights dimmed and the show was about to begin. You know the music that is played at the beginning of Disney movies that has Tinkerbell flying over Cinderella’s Castle? Yup, that music played. They didn’t do the typical Universal a cappella that they normally do. I was half expecting a scantily clad Tinkerbell run across the stage dancing to that little bit of music to start the show. (Missed opportunity right there. 😉 ) The lights came back on and we were able to see the Opening Number to start the show off with. “The song, “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast started playing and we got to see the following pictures of some of the members of the Troupe dance on stage.


The crowd cheered seeing people dance to this song and as quickly as the song began, the song ended. The lights dimmed again, and lo and behold, Boss Kaos Eight came out to a darkened stage littered in blue to sing Johnny Cash’s rendition of “Hurt”. I will say it again, Boss Kaos has a great voice and having him sing this song with the voice registers he has, it was almost as haunting as Johnny Cash himself.


After the crowd erupted with applause and cheers, Boss Kaos proceeded back to the limelight of the stage and started to talk to the crowd about “Burletiquette” or “Burlesque Etiquette”. As usual, if there is something that the crowd likes, all the more reason to be loud and appreciate the art that is happening before their very eyes. Of course, he had to rub his beastly nipples through his shirt and shake his booty to get an even louder response but it had to be done for audience. Much of that audience was very, VERY, new to this type of show with the exception of My Crew and a few other people. That night was full of Burlesque virgins and boy, were they in for a treat!


Boss Kaos’ time was up and he then announced the next performer for the stage. That was none other than the co-owner of 708, Katerina VonRocket. Her performance of Marilyn Manson’s “Sweet Dreams” was a very dark and poetic showing. The theme of basically this entire show has been a bit on the dark side of things rather than the more lighthearted they have done before. Kat’s performance fit in right with the dark and did exceptionally well in the choreography as well music that went along with it. It did leave the audience applauding and cheering loudly at the end of her performance.


Up next is one of my favorite performers thus far as it seems that this individual has a lot of heart put into each performance he does with 708. A great guy, Clyde Barlow makes his way on the stage performing to a song called “On the Rocks.” I don’t know who exactly sings this particular song. As soon as I find out, I will make the edit here for clarity. This man, as I stated before, probably, in my opinion, puts more heart and soul into his performance than anyone I have seen. The times I have seen him perform, no matter the character, gave that character depth and a deeper meaning than I would have realized before. A lot of thought, from what I see, goes into this performance and this performance does not leave you hanging. Like Kat, he moves around gracefully with precise movements that have taken years to perfect. I will tell you now that I would not be able to do such a thing as I am imbalanced Ginger with two left feet. I would more than likely twirl and then face plant into the stage leaving a divot where my nose hit. Yeah, that would be me. Not Clyde tho. I won’t look at Pinocchio the same way again. 🙂


After the crowd erupted in even more loud cheers, whooping and hollering at the sight they feasted their eyes on, Clyde left the stage and it was time for a new face to enter onto the stage. I don’t recall this individual. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was I surprised by this individual, but she is a special guest for the duration of “Disney After Dark.” Another thing that surprised me was that this is the second Drag Queen to participate during a show! She is a loud, foul mouthed, down to earth, and hilarious Drag Queen and her name is Lexi SanDiego. I can’t quite put my name on the exact song that she performed but I do know it was a mix that she provided for DJ Lust to use for the act. I do know that while performing, toward the end of the song, she did a small performance from “The Little Mermaid” doing Ursala’s singing scene. The whole bit was a light hearted act but still very dark regarding the nature of that character and what was going on. Yes, there were quite a few gut busting laughs and smiles all around the audience but still, it was pretty dark in terms of comedy as well as subject matter. In my opinion, she should have sang parts of that herself. Why? Her voice. Toward the end of the entire show, she helped announced other performers in place of Boss Kaos and just the tone of her voice would have been perfect for doing Ursala’s bit in the mix that Lexi performed. I would have enjoyed that if she did such a thing.

Regardless, Lexi did move about the stage and moved quite well. Again, something that I would not have been able to do. Yes, she did have on flats or just regular shoes, as we found out toward the end of the show stating she was a bad Drag Queen for not having heels. 😉


It was at this time, after Lexi’s performance, that Intermission was beginning. I don’t know if I mentioned what Intermission was. I won’t mention it now as you have to be there to experience it all. Let me just say that the people that came up from the audience for this intermission “game”, if you will, were very good natured. There were about four women and two men. Out of what was done on the stage, the men out slutted the women oh so very hardcore. One of the men won. This is all I will say about this event. This got people laughing and whooping and hollering for a long time after the Intermission.

Intermission was pretty brief, about 10 minutes time passed and we were all back in our seats getting ready for the second half of the show. Again, the music played from the beginning of a Disney Movie where Tinkerbell would be flying around spreading her Fairy Dust and tapping on the top of Cinderella’s Castle with her wand. It was magical indeed.

Walking onto the stage was another face I had not seen before. It is always nice to see new faces in the Troupe of Backlot Bears. This was a unique individual named Harley Love. The name of “Harley” caught my attention not to mention the very kick-ass tattoo of Harley Quinn’s logo on the performer’s leg. That was probably the most striking part of her performance was trying to figure out what all that tattoo entailed. After the show, I will have talked to her and I got to see it up close. Oh yeah, the detail was there and it looked awesome. However, her performance on stage…she also, like Phoenyx Rayne, made my manly bits hurt. She had done some splits and did them with such force and agility that I could never do that in my lifetime. Despite all of that, she also was very graceful on the stage and danced to a remix of Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild.” She was portraying Jane from the Disney movie of Tarzan. The routine talked about wanting to be free and to run free. At least, that is what I interprted the whole routine to be. Harley knew where she needed to be on the stage at all times and knew which side of the room would get the loudest in terms of screams and cheers to further instill in her that she was doing a great job. She was wonderful on stage and off the stage, she was even better, humble even, still bubbling with energy toward the end of the night. An absolute delight.


In an unprecedented turn of events, it was actually the Boss’ turn to come out on stage. Yes, Boss Kaos came out on stage again but this time, it was time for him to lose his outer Beast and show us his inner Beast. The song he performed was from Panic! At the Disco’s song of “Death of a Bachelor.” I find this song to be quite appropriate for the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. The song sounds very deep, bassy, and pretty dark…again, appropriate for Beast. However, the song kinda gives some kind of hope that Beauty (Belle) would be the one to be with Beast in the very end. I think this may be the first time I have seen Boss perform other than just singing like he did in the “A Very LUDO Burlesque” as well in “Comics After Dark” when he was Joker. He did do pretty well in the aspect that he captured the sullenness of Beast and of his brooding personality. Not to mention, when he got on stage, people cheered quite loudly and it wasn’t until skin was showing that the audience grew louder with appreciation of what was being shown. Yes, the Beast stripped and became Adam.


Following that performance was the resident Drag Queen, the first one for the Backlot Bears, Gypsy Havoc. From past performances, she has done a wonderful job in performing her art. This as well as what Clyde had done earlier in the evening are my favorite performances. Gypsy Havoc (which for some reason my head wants to say “Gipsy Rose”, another Burlesque performer that has long since passed from this earthly realm) came out to her own mix entitled “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” with bits and pieces from Sleeping Beauty intertwined. Yes, she came out as Maleficent. Oh mah gah! During the entire performance, everybody was quiet. Yeah, My Woman had shouted out but she told me afterwards she felt bad. Gypsy had captivated everybody in the room, me included. I thoroughly enjoyed Angelina Jolie as Maleficent in that movie and I believe that Gypsy pulled off that same character with grace and evil/dark dignity. I believe she took on the very personality of Maleficent. After the show, since we had VIP tickets, I got to talk to her and she stated that from a very young age, her favorite character in the Disney universe was Maleficent.  The same goes for My Woman as well. My Woman was so stricken with excitement that she could hardly contain herself. Many times during her performance, we both looked at each other in awe and couldn’t really say any words until after Gypsy’s performance was complete. The way she moved about the stage is something that I could imagine Maleficent doing herself. That dark energy was all over the room and I could tell that everybody, including myself, were under her spell.


Loud applause roared throughout after Gypsy’s performance and we were greeted with a very experienced performer. Her name, Sofie De Sade. She came out to a mix made by none other than DJ Lust called “He’s a Tramp” and was Lady from Lady and the Tramp. Later on in the evening, I learned that when DJ Lust created this mix, it took her a little over six hours to create and get it just right. During this mix, not only did Sofie go ahead and do the Burlesque she is accustomed to, she also sang this song live. She, like Boss, has a great singing voice. She pranced about the stage with grace and beauty as she has always done but this time, I think it was her singing that captivated the audience. The vocal range she has surpasses even what Boss could do. Her moves were timed perfectly to the beat of the music as if she was meant for this song. All in all, she was wonderful to see on the stage as well as to hear what she could do with the song she helped create with DJ Lust.


Her song was the last one performed for the evening. For the final song where the performers came out on stage and did their traditional bow toward and away from the audience was “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman from Toy Story. All the performers came out, introduced one by one, and everybody applauded as loud as they could for each and every person there.


The show was an absolute blast to watch and see everything they had to offer. I can tell you that I will be back. A little birdie told me (Boss) that they are working on adding a Cinderella part to the show sometime soon. As soon as I hear about that, this post will be added with the Cinderella part. DJ Lust or Boss will let me know and I will be back. Back again with more friends and even better times. I can’t wait to see that!


Me on the right and my hot Friend/Bar Manager/DJ at @708stl on the left.

All in all, I had a blast last night with My Crew and DJ Lust. I do kinda blame DJ Lust as well as Tiffany, all in jest, for getting me drunk to where I couldn’t stop talking at all. I was, in the best term I could come up with, White Girl Wasted. I had about four Screwdrivers and two (I think two) Jager shots. All of it was worth it. I was with My Crew and DJ Lust. I think from here on out, I will have to include DJ Lust in My Crew. I have known her for quite a few years from other establishments she has been to and as of now, we are talking more and more than ever before. Good friends do that and she is one of my very good friends. She told me about 708 and I can tell you now, I am glad she did. 708 is a wonderful place where people of any sex (LGBT and other letters to add onto that) are more than welcome! To kinda quote Boss, and I am paraphrasing at best, “Don’t put more hate into the world. If we can put more love into the world, then the world will be a better place and it all starts with you.” (Boss, I am sorry if I got this wrong. You said it best last night and if you get to me and let me know how you said it, I will change it.)

Final Verdict: Again, an 11/10