Challenge to the Farlanders

from the this-is-not-sparta dept.

Before heading to bed, I present a challenge to the Farlander Community regarding UHC, Beta and Official/Unofficial. Shadow touched on this a while back but I want to bring it back up. I will be doing this but I do encourage all who participate to attempt to try this as well. We know Kurt is going on his Kurtbatical (See latest Far Lands or Bust Video, #588). We need to help out and keep the donations flowing in to Child’s Play Charity through

The Challenge: I hereby challenge any and all partipants to donate the amount of money equal to your placement in the Beta and Official/Unofficial UHC’s. Meaning, say if we have 10 people and I am the first to die, I donate $10. The next person to die, say Shadow, he would donate $9 and so on, and so on. I am also going to donate $5 as an entry “fee” for playing in the Beta and Official/Unofficial UHC as a way to drum up more donations. That entry “fee” for me is completely optional and anybody else wanting to do the same is completely optional as well. The Placement Donation listed above can be worked on and what not but this is what I propose or even Challenge. If you are able to do this, great. If not, that is fine too.

In addition to dying, in the note area for the donation, I will be putting something like this when I die…
“@XaviorPenguin on Twitter/Youtube
Farlander BETA UHC for May 15, 2016
I died to Shadowwulfe and I placed 10th out of 10 people participating.
He was better than me.”

Format for message could be as follows:
“Your Name on Twitter/Youtube/etc
Farlander BETA or Official/Unofficial UHC for May 15th, 2016 or June 4th, 2016
Who killed you and what you placed out of the amount of people participating.
Words of praise toward the person that killed you/Griping or complaining that you died to something silly or stupid”

For those that aren’t able to donate, I will sponsor at the most, three people and donate in their stead for either the BETA or Official/Unofficial UHC as I know times can be hard but still people want to do good and donate to a good cause. If you need that, please PM me here or DM me on Twitter or send me an e-mail at

You all have been challenged. 🙂

On that note, it is time for my bed. 4:12am is a bit late for me at the moment. 😉