Disturbed-Penguin Podcast – EP22 – Life & Friends

EP22from the friends-in-low-places dept.

About: This is a Podcast that I am attempting to do so that I may talk about random things as I am on the road to and from work. Topics can include just about anything, even updates about my Channel.

Topics Discussed (This is a rough outline of what I will be talking about. Links will be provided if and when they are needed.)
– Intro
— Been busy with Life, hence no Podcast
— Overbooked myself on the videos, that will be changing
— Friends
— Talk about Friends
—- Online and Offline
—- Who I consider to be friends
—– How does one become a friend of the Penguin?
—- What friends mean to me?
– Outro
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Phone: Samsung Galaxy S6 and included headset
Location: My Car on the way to Work or at Work

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