About Me…

For now, I am 34 years of age. I have a Fianc√© and her name is XPzGirl. I currently live with her and her parents. I have been engaged to her for 12.5 years and have known her for almost 13 years. I met her in January of 2004, asked her to marry me in July of 2004, and we haven’t set a date yet to be married.¬† My Woman, XPzGirl is awesome. I couldn’t have found anyone better than her! ^_^

I am work at a place that deals with Electronic Cigarettes in which I help people get off from the evils of tobacco and onto electronic cigarettes. I do have other hobbies and those include Vaping, Playing Games, Creating Let’s Play’s for my YouTube Channel, Trying to do what I can for Charity, Lame Voice Acting on some of my YouTube Videos, Hanging with Friends and having a few Adult Beverages with my Friends.

My favorite animal on the face of this earth is the almighty Penguin. As you can see, my real face isn’t up here yet as I don’t feel as comfortable showing my face to the world. Peeps that know me know what I look like so no pic is needed. I have had a commission done by Alexia_ways (http://www.twitter.com/alexia_ways) that he had done, as my pic. Penguins are awesome. They fear no man and so far, my favorite animal. My favorite movie according to the animal I like is “March of the Penguins,” a documentary about them narrated by Morgan Freeman. Penguins r0x0rs!! ^_^

I guess that is it for me…:D

I has a life and you read it?