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Time to go Fishing

from the you-get-a-line-i-will-get-a-pole dept.

Thanks to one lucky soul, and hopefully others, somebody braved the elements and posted.  Somebody must have posted this on other friends walls on FB or Twitter.  Regardless of the case, lets see what this person had to say.  My response after you take the leap…


I would love to be a fly on a wall of a man’s brain for a day.  Love them, but mysterious they are!  Logic tells me at my age the guy/girl thing should be easier, but truth be told, it isn’t.  I still get shy and don’t know what to do.  I am much more confidant and comfortable with myself than I was a couple decades ago, but I can’t say any more skilled at flirting.  So how does a shy girl “send out a line” as I have been advised to do, and help a guy out to know she’s interested, but yet still remain in the position of being the one pursued?

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Want Advice? I Has Them

from the fuck-you-dear-abby dept.

I decided that with the amount of advice I have been giving out, that I needed to create a way to make my advice known to people.  A way of people asking me anonymously and I respond to them back.

Without further ado, head over to Ask.Disturbed-Penguin.NET to get your asking on.  Please read through what I have there because if instructions are not followed, then you are a dumb shit and don’t need to be on my site.