Disturbed-Penguin Minecraft Server

Disturbed-Penguin Server Spawn

Welcome to the Disturbed-Penguin Minecraft Server!

This is a server, started by yours truly, Xavior Penguin, so that he, along with friends that he has met across his travels, to play on and have some good old fashioned fun. We are just a small community with big intentions. We love to help each other out when we can and to generally have a good time playing here and building what we can.

We are an Official, Whitelisted, and Private server that is hosted with Fragnet.NET and at this time, are not accepting any members. Then again, that may change very soon. We are also on a Modded Minecraft Server set to Normal difficulty using the “Attack of the B-Team” Modpack from Technic. This server runs on the latest Snapshots produced by Mojang. The server is updated to the latest upon inspection that nothing crashes. If there are Snapshots that really don’t add anything new or fix any issues that we are having, then it isn’t updated until that is fixed. (Those that have a link are ones that record on the server. Link is to their respective Youtube Channel.)


  • XaviorPenguin
  • noonebutpaul
  • fortiz1018
  • elliscor001
  • Raptorhill
  • Squee260
  • DeConMasterson
  • Morendeath
  • ShadeFoxPC
  • GibsonProject
  • richman117
  • Doc_Reaper
  • ksprelude01

General Rules

We do have some rules that we follow here on the server. They are as follows:

  1. Don’t be a dick.
  2. Be respectful where respect is needed/given/received.
  3. No griefing.
  4. Recording videos on Youtube or streaming is not required at all, but it is encouraged if you are able to do so. Makes for interesting gameplay and for many different views on the server.


Pranks are allowed on the server. Anybody can prank anybody, however, permission must be given to prank. For instance, if I do not want to be pranked, I will simply tell all members of the server to not prank me. That also means that I cannot prank anybody else as well. This is usually done when a Player first joins the server. That player can then retract or add that statement if he or she chooses. There are rules set aside for pranking, they are as follows: (Rules partially adapted from the Mindcrack Wiki on the Prank Wars)

  1. DO NOT use TNT or lava to destroy the home that a Player is in.
  2. DO NOT kill the other Player being pranked by way of TNT, lava, pistons, etc. Basically, don’t kill the Player.
  3. Any items used in the Prank is now the property of the person being Pranked. You cannot ask for those items back.
  4. The person pranking must leave a sign stating it was that person who did it.



The map is publicly viewable on the Minecraft World Map website and is updated at least once a week on either Sunday or Monday. You can find the map below as a link directly to their site.

Disturbed-Penguin Minecraft Server World Map

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