I am starting a Let’s Play series, for now, with And Yet It Moves. Other games will be added once And Yet It Moves is complete. That is where I need your help. Head over to this Blog Post, Swearing For Charity, and let me know what you think.

For every Swear word spoken or Death received on my Let’s Play series, $1 will be donated to Child’s Play. However, it will be determined by each Let’s Play.

(Sent $6 on 1/25/2012 to instead of ChipIn Widget is correct NOW with the PayPal e-mail. What had happened was is that I took the donate link from the Child’s Play Charity website and looked at it and it pointed to and put that in the ChipIn Widget. I donated using that before I read on all of their FAQ. It still goes to them, but I think in a different way. All has been corrected.)

Here is the ChipIn Widget below:

(This is the Combination of the And Yet It Moves and SuperTux Let’s Plays. This has ended already and a new one is in effect.)

NEW Child’s Play Charity Chip-In for Archibald’s Adventures is below! Please help me donate to the Child’s Play Charity to help children in need.

Chip-In Has Ended.

(Previous Donation total was $98, New Widget Below)
Also, if you would like to donate to me to encourage me to keep making videos, because you like me, for whatever the reason…you can do so below. This will go towards my own PayPal account and will be used for buying me a Faygo or even help getting a better laptop to play better games and Let’s Plays. I do require you to donate to Child’s Play first and foremost as that is the most important before you even think about donating to me.




I has a life and you read it?