Killer Instinct Soundboard Update ver.2

from the it-is-alive dept.

Yes, I have updated my Killer Instinct Soundboard to ver.2.  If you have the previous one installed, uninstall it through your Android Device and install this one.

Changes include:
– Higher Quality Sound
– More Sounds (39 Total)
– Different Background Picture

The sounds, I believe, are from either the Arcade version or the Ultra 64 version.  I only included the sounds that would have been in the SNES version with the exception of “Show No Mercy” and I think “Ultimate Combo”, could be wrong about that one.

Also, unlike other soundboards…
– you will NOT have the ability to save these as a ringtone
– you will NOT have the ability to save these as a notification
– there are NO Google Ads

The source code to this is available upon request and you can request it at:
xavior (dot) penguin [@] gmail {dot} com

Package Name: com.soundboard
Look at the Screen Shots below to see what is available:


My Android Experience

from the i-like-android dept.

I am liking the Android 1.5 OS.  It is straight forward.  Yes, AT&T crippled it on the Backflip but I am still enjoying it.  So much so, I am attempting to create an Application for it, a soundboard.  Hopefully to mimic the Portal Soundboard I have installed on my phone.  If I can do that then I should be ok as there are a couple of soundboards that I know of that are not in the market.  If I can grasp Java and the SDK for Android, I might make others.  I figure I can do this better than my Radio show as I will have to cancel immediately as I unfortunately do not have time due to my hectic schedule with 2 jobs.  🙁  I don’t like that I have to but it has to be done.  🙁  Take the leap to read more… Continue reading My Android Experience

Backflip Woes and Wonders

from the i-am-doing-backflips-for-joy dept.

So far, so good at the moment.  I have had it for a few days and let me tell you this one thing…I love this phone!  Yes, there are some little quirks I don’t like but, in the end, it is nothing.  If you want an Android phone from AT&T and don’t mind that yes, it is crippled (more about that later) and can work around that, then you will love this phone.  More after the leap…
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Flipping over the Backflip

from the i-have-no-flippin-idea dept.

Yes, I have a Motorola Backflip.  I am going to see what all I can do with it and will report back later.  🙂  First impressions tho…keyboard is hard to press the buttons down, however, it was like that when I got my Blackberry Curve 8310.  This will be just fine.  Other than that, all is well.

Services Rendered

from the they-have-moved-to-kansas dept.

For now, I have moved all my domains (GeekXP.NET, Disturbed-Penguin.NET, DPXP.NET, MetalStudzFanz.NET) over to  So far, it is faster service than what Wanted.WS was giving me.  With, they are providing me free service for up to 5 domains.  I have had this service for a while and just never used it until now.

So,, thank you for your service as of right now and expect some money to come your way for additional service. 🙂

Full of Craziness

from the what-the-hell-just-happened dept.

I know, what happened?  I have been so friggin busy with a lot of things that I don’t know where to start.

This last weekend of Saturday May 28th to June 1st, went to Kansas City to visit my woman’s relatives, I started my new job, and I had to stop my radio program during that time, and I had to switch back to Windows 7…more about all of that after the leap…so TAKE THE LEAP NOW!!
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Baptized in Blood Omegle Chat

from the i-talked-to-somebody-famous dept.

Yes, as neat as it seams, which it was, I was going to troll around on Omegle and see if I can get people to LOSE THE GAME in which all who are reading, just now have.  Instead, I got to talk very briefly to Josh Torrance, guitar and backup vocals for the group called Baptized in Blood.  They are on Myspace and Facebook.  After the leap, you will see the chat we had, mind you, I am a complete dork!  🙂
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Slowly Restarting

from the i-am-trying dept.

I am trying to get my shit back up and running.  1and1 is a great host, they are, but they dropped me due to non-payment, rather, turned me off until I pay.  I do have a job, I do.  It is just that I don’t start until May 31st, 2010.  🙁  I want to start working now but alas, it looks like I will have to wait to work.

On that note, regarding hosting…I am with Wanted.WS.  They have provided me with some free service and the speed is, in my opinion, better than when I had it with 1and1! Wanted.WS has the ability to set you up with free cPanel service and it is not bad at all.  Now, I haven’t tried using anything regarding ffmpeg and programs of that nature as I do not have VPS service.  Hopefully, if all gets to be well and I start having a job, maybe I can ask if I can acquire VPS service through them and pay for it…hmmmm…a thought.

If you would like service, then please, head over to Wanted.WS, fill out the required information, and wait.  That is what I had to do.  It is up to Wanted.WS to decide if you have service through them.  I had to wait and so will you.

The only thing they require is an ad of sorts.  Yes, I have stated on here before that I wouldn’t have any kinds of ads on here what so ever.  Well, I had 3 to choose from and I figured a banner ad is less intrusive than a Pop Up ad or an ad where certain words are highlighted and when you hover over them, an ad pops up.  Now THOSE piss me off so I said no to the highlighted words.  I hate pop-ups so I decided to go with a banner.  So far, so good in regards to the banner ad.  I haven’t had it do anything crazy.  I have seen it advertise games but that is it.  One thing I do know is that the ads are NOT mine but they are for Wanted.WS to help pay for server costs as I am getting mine for free, they need money too.  So, if anything comes up questionable as in porn and such, which I hope it doesn’t, then you can blame them, not me.

Other than that…all is well with my world.  I have a couple of other things I want to talk about a little later but that will have to wait…gotta get ready for my SHOUTcast Radio show for Monday!

Until next post…

I has a life and you read it?