I am trying my hand at streaming over at Twitch.TV lately and am having a blast with it. I figured that if I do, I better get some information up and running here for people wanting to know what is going on with what I use and how it is configured. Below, you will find information relating to anything and everything I am using or doing for streaming on Twitch.TV. You can find my channel at




1. Don’t be a dick, be nice and give respect when given to.
2. Coarse language will be spoken by me, quite possibly. If you use it in chat, use it in context, don’t use it in excess.
3. Have fun and Enjoy your stay!




The following are commands you can do in chat:
* !pbcommands – Gives the below commands in chat.
* !info – !info – Shows info about me and where to locate said data.
* !game – Tells people what game/mod I am playing.
* !wrench – !wrench <question?> – Asks the Magic Wrench a question. Must have a ? at the end of the question, otherwise, you are taking up the Magic Wrench’s time.
* !pbslap – !slap <name/entity> – Slaps that name/entity.
* !uptime – Shows how long the stream and bot has been up and running.
* !pbroll – Rolls any sided dice. Use is !pbroll (Number)d(Sides)[+|-][Modifier] . Such as !pbroll 1d20+4
* !pbflipcoin – Randomly flips a coin. Result is Heads or Tails.
* !pbthrow – Throws an object. Use is !pbthrow (Object) . Such as !pbthrow Penguin
* !pbhug – Hugs an object. Use is !pbhug (Object) . Such as !pbhug Penguin
* !sortingcone – Similar to the Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter book series. By doing this command, the bot will put you in a random House in Hogwarts. Use is !sortingcone .
* !scredo – This will resort you in a different House in Hogwarts if you don’t like the above command. Use is !scredo .
* !pbindeed – Definitely INDEED!
* !pbflip – Your text will go head over heels in a fit of happy rage. Use is !pbflip (Text). Such as !pbflip XaviorPenguin
* !pbset – That happy rage of text can be put nicely back thank you very much. Use is !pbset (Text). Such as !pbset XaviorPenguin
* !pbq – Quotes. Use is !pbq . This will return a random quote.
* !pbq # – Quotes a specific numbered quote. Use is !pbq 1 . This will output the first quote ever saved.
* !pbq add – Adds a quote. Use is !pbq add “quote” – person . This will add a quote to the database. Please enter the quote in quotation marks (“), add a hyphen and then the person who said what quote. For instance: !pbq add “Indeed!” – KurtJMac
* !toast – Somebody smells some freshly burnt toast. Use is !toast (Name/Object). Such as !toast XaviorPenguin
* !picnic – PANIC x3
* !pets – You or somebody can be petted. Use is !pets (Name/Object). Such as !pets CommanderSealand
* !ip – IP Address of the server the streamer is playing on.
* !fine – This is fine…really.
* !updog – I dunno.




* OBS – Open Broadcaster Software –
* mIRC –
* SMD – Stream Music Displayer –
* Winamp –
* GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program –

Stream Settings:
* Video Encoding Max Bitrate – 2400 kb/s
* Video Encoding Buffer Size – 2400 kbit
* Audio Encoding Codec – AAC
* Audio Encoding Bitrate – 160
* Audio Encoding Format – 44.1kHz
* Video Resolution – 1280×720
* Video Aspect Ratio – 16:9
* Video FPS – 60




Music is provided by the following individuals below. They have given permission either on their respective pages or through e-mail and Twitter. Proof can be provided upon request.

* Kevin MacLeod – – Permission (
* Christoph Binder –
* Shado_Temple – (Makes the voice over for various situations for the stream.
* Alexia_way – (Website art)

I has a life and you read it?